Monday, March 26, 2007


these days i have to go to the dentist to plug a hole in my tooth. It's already cleaned up, so the doctor told me to give it some rest and come back in a month or so to have it plugged if everything's ok. Stupid auto-correct suggester, suggesting wok and oak as replacements for "ok". Yup. I'll sit beneath an oak or take a shitty walk. So I had to go to the dentist on the 28th, so I stuck a bright green post-it note writing: 3 o'clock, Wednesday 28th, teeth! Ok. Suggesting I should correct that to "k". How lame. K. So last Tuesday, it was the 20th I think. I got to sleep late as usual thinking damn it, I have to go fix my teeth tomorrow 'cause it's the 22nd and I have an appointment set up for Wednesday the 22nd. The next day, Wed the 21st, I wake up at 2pm and say hey, I gotta go fix my teeth, cause you know, it's the 22nd, and I got an appointment a t the dentist's on the 22nd. Of course :). So I arrive at the dentist's at 3:30, soaked from the heavy rain, and I am kindly informed that my appointment is actually on the 28th. Yeah. It figures. I return home and I read the post-it note: teeth on the 28th. Yup. Correct.

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