Monday, March 5, 2007

2001: we need more bits

there are 3 main points i want to make here. maybe 4.
1) space odyssey rules.
2) the millennium starts in 2001, you idiots
3) yeah, there was a slight year 2000 bug, which would have allowed everyone who activated their subway travel card on something like november 30th or december 1st 1999 to use it for one whole year instead of just one month. but there's going to be another bug in 2038, because on certain systems time is a 32-bit integer counting how many seconds have passed since 1970. And there are not enough bits :) Read wikipedia. wikipedia is your friend, just as google is.
4) so if one needs more bits, like 64, to keep time properly, how many bits does one need to keep stupid? i browse through wikipedia daily, because, as i said, wikipedia rules. i don't read books. most books suck. i watch tv (which also sucks) and read wikipedia. and today, it has come to my attention that stupid needs to be upgraded. to at least 128 bits.
"Members of a fraternity displaying their new heart brands."
Why don't you tattoo 666 on your foreheads next time, you 0x000000F000000000000540041d1d1o45.
Using nitric acid.

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