Thursday, March 8, 2007

my life has been saved

I am crazy. And sometimes I'm absent-minded. Everyone knows that. In chronological order since childhood and until recently, I've been in the emergency room for: swallowing mechanical parts, jumping off furniture head-first into an iron heater, beating up a cactus that had pissed me off, chewing on my fingertips, falling onto an iron spike on an abandoned construction site, taking a wrong step in front of my residence while being too fat, eating filth, walking past a newspaper stand which was covered with a sharp piece of tin hanging at my head level, and playing with high voltage. They wanted to operate on me at least 2 times but fortunately changed their minds. This may sound like a lot, but it's actually nothing. I met people that took real damage and are came out OK. Now, let's see what other things I did that could have ended very badly, but didn't. When I was a kid I used to stare into needles and razor blades. Bring them closer and closer, until they got blurry, and then even closer. And closer. I didn't have a criterion for stopping, and you can't really judge the distance until maybe you touch your eyelashes with your finger, given that the exposed part of the needle / blade is short enough, which it wasn't. Compared to this, the chewing of said blades into tiny pieces seems insignificant, but it's still worth mentioning. Wonder if I can still do it. I mean, there are people that put spikes through their arms, mouths etcetera, so... Then there's that time I grabbed onto a pipe and let myself hang above a 20-meter deep well, after a failed attempt of scaring everyone by grabbing onto some aerial power cables. The 3 times I wrecked my bike going down the hill don't even count. Maybe getting stuck on a mountain cliff in the middle of nowhere for almost 2 hours counts, but then again, maybe not. Before that I used to have absolutely no fear of heights. I could walk on a pipe crossing a deep valley. Which is just, because a cat can also do that, as easily as if the pipe was at "ground" level. Well anyway, that's changed, luckily, some may say. But I still want to do bungee jumping. Some years ago, some guys organized bungee jumping sessions early in the morning on some abandoned crane. Yup, in Bucharest one does occasionally find abandoned cranes even near the city center. I didn't go, partly because I didn't know who the guys were and where to find them (the legality of it all was probably dubious), and partly because I was too lazy to dig up said contact info. Or maybe God subconsciously suggested me to be lazy, just as he did when I got the idea of climbing up that crane alone, even without jumping. Like that dude that threatened to kill himself and got the Police, Ambulance and Firefighters busy at 3 am. Well, yesterday that crane fell, wrecked 6 cars and narrowly missed several people. Cool. Hey, what can I say. Thanks.

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