Saturday, April 26, 2008


A very funny piece of news caught my attention today. Don't you just like the part with the North and the South? :D Apparently some Florida senator thinks truck nuts are offensive and must be banned. WTF? Not only that, but the guy owns a gun shop! :)) So basically, the way I see it, is: killing people is not obscene, but displaying a pair of fake animal testicles is. Way to go dude, way to go. See my previous post about some people having zero respect for life. Of course, people are hypocrites, and morality is just a word. ("Stop the world... ... Peace is just a word...") I guess to some people it is moral and ethical to own and sell guns, but it is unethical to well, jack off to porn, kiss in public, or stick some plastic balls on your truck.
Here in Romania most people are Christian Orthodox, meaning we start celebrating Easter this night. One of the bigger TV establishments here is running an entertainment show intended as a fund raiser to help some sick kids who need a ton of cash to well... live. You dial a number and donate $$$ if you like the stars' performance. The $$$ go to some kids who need surgery. One of the kids needs a treatment based on stem cells if they are to well, live. Of course, one can't treat people with stem cells in the 'civilized' western world anymore, because it's illegal. They have to do it in China. Why? Because some people think they have the moral authority to decide who lives and who doesn't. Because they don't necessarily value life, but they have to appease the vocal fanatic hypocrites who don't know shit about anything but feel they have the answer to life, the universe and everything else in some book or text or judgment or something. Whatever. Go on preaching damnation, salvation, environment, cloning, genetic engineering, global warming and nuckular \/\/ar while I go eat a sandwich or something.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Laser pointers have been banned in "some Australian state" after a number of idiots pointed them at aircraft cockpits. Now, the article isn't very clear on wether all laser pointers are banned, or just high-powered ones that can really blind pilots. For instance, the crappy ones that I can get here for around half a buck couldn't blind anything more than 10 meters away. So instead of just arresting and convicting the idiots who endanger passengers' lives, the state just bans laser pointers alltogether. What next, banning forks because one can stab people with them? Should we eat with Chinese sticks then instead of forks? What if someone finds a criminal use for chopsticks then? Eat with our bare hands of course. Then someone uses their hands to beats up somebody else to death and we all get to wear little remote-controlled collars that give you a paralysing shock whenever the state says so. Maybe that would be good. But until then, what if lasers get banned in my country as well? Maybe I want to build a long-range laser data transceiver. Will I be able to do so without a license in 5 years time? Will I be able to get a license then? Will a high-school hacker with reasonable technical knowledge but no engineering degree be able to get such a license? This sucks.
Then I learn that Hillary Clinton, who is ugly, said that the U.S. could wipe Iran off the face of the Earth. Well of course they could! The U.S. can wipe anything out, including the whole planet. So can Russia, and a couple other countries can do some serious damage. We all know that. Do they want to wipe everything out? No. There was no Cold War, there was no Cuban missile crisis, in my humble opinion. No one in their right mind would have launched their nuclear arsenal against another nuclear power. It was all just bluffing and political bullshit, regardless of what the press or Discovery says. But I'm probably wrong. I was walking through the Polytechnic's campus this morning and I was thinking... scientists don't understand life, and maybe it's good they don't. When humans understand something, they tend to devalue it. For instance, we (the civilized world) no longer attribute lightning to some gods being angry, and we no longer fear it and sacrifice animals to calm the gods down or something. Well. Kind of. So it's lost its value. Now it's just a meteorological phenomenon. Yeah, some may find it beautiful, sure, but it's not divine anymore. Its value has diminished. Solar and lunar eclipses, same shit. Sure, there are still a lot of uncivilized or semi-civilized people who hold a wide variety of beliefs regarding these, so these phenomena have a much greater emotional value to them than to us. Steam engines (think the ancient Greek spinning ball that was used for magic and stuff). Whatever. So when we understand life, when we begin engineering life in the lab for good, then we'd have lost all respect for it. Of course, big political leaders never had any respect for life. Think Hitler, Stalin, the Crusades, the World Wars, the Roman, Otoman, British, Spanish empires, whatever. We can wipe Iran off the face of the Earth, sure. Yeah I also hate oppresive regimes, I hate oppresive cultures, but you can't just kill everybody who's not as civilized as yourself from certain points of view. Maybe they're more civilized in ways you fail to see. And finally, maybe there are space aliens out there who are far more civilized than we are, and they don't go around killing us just because well, we suck. And until the U.S. and Russia and France and the others scrap all their nukes, they have no moral right whatsoever to accuse Iran of wanting to have their own. Fuck Iran, fuck the U.S., fuck Australia, fuck the human race, peace already.