Saturday, January 26, 2008


God damn it, they've made black paint. Finally. But it's still not black enough.

Monday, January 14, 2008

computational linguistics

I have a course on something that I guess resembles computational linguistics, for which I have to take an exam in 2 hours.
So what is text mining and data mining useful for? Building "a more intelligent Google" of course.
And what about an example of a malformed sentence? "The green, colourless ideas are sleeping furiously."

My New Hobby:
Confusing text mining web bots with ambiguous sentences.

"Would fine times be forever flawlessly falling through the fallacies of faceless fires!"

"John, come here!" "What now?" "I think the text bot got high on semantic tree cycles again!"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I just realized upon opening the blog dashboard that the previous post had been the 100th.
Well, I was under the impression that this includes updates to previous posts to fix typos and shit, but no. It does however include one or two drafts whose content I'm not very sure about yet. So whatever, let's celebrate the new year with post number 101. Or number 100 if you think the new millenium came in 2000, which it did not.* By the way, there's a bank called "Millenium" here whose offices look more like beauty salons or something (which is not necessarily a bad thing, it's actually rather original). They kind of built "Europe's tallest Christmas tree" here in Bucharest. Well, it's not actually a tree, it's more like a regular steel structure that vaguely looks like a tree, and I find it very ugly, distasteful and ... well... not too tall actually. Nevertheless, when they lit it up for the first time on December 1st (which is also the National Day), 'bout 100 kilopeople rushed to see the kitsch. 'bout 50 kids got lost, people stepped on each other, it was mayhem, hell, chaos, whatever you like to call it. The square and its incident streets were flooded with people, traffic ground to a standstill, busses carrying people couldn't move anywhere, and of course people started ranting about busses being severely overcrowded and arriving way too late. So basically the whole city was fucked. "The tallest Xmas tree in Europe" they say. Some even doubt that assertion, but I couldn't care less actually: it's ugly, it's pointless and it's small. So big wow.
So happy new year, happy 100 posts and whatever.
If happiness were a piece of shit, would it smell like fresh forest soil?
*) You'd also number this post 100 if you were a reasonable computerist who liked their addresses to start with 0, but in this case you'd be celebrating the "binary millenium" in 2048.