Monday, September 29, 2008


I was watching some mediocre movie where the actors were playing detective on an open hard drive. Weird, negative chars filled the hexdump, with an occasional readable string.
"It's an image!" the guy exclaimed upon reaching a "²¡¤³§«©±°something.jpg⊧⊤⊧⊩⌬".
"Let's see it!" said the chick.
The image is slowly loading.
"It looks digital", the guy wisely concluded.
No shit Sherlock! Wow, they actually did not use a VHS recorder on those platters, those are actual BITS, wow.
Fortunately there's at least one professional photo* guy on the webs who maintains that digital sensors are not intrinsically different than film when it comes to capturing images.
* about 3/4 down the page: "there's nothing at all digital about that look".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's now Google's turn to show me questionable advertising. True, this is not spam per-se, but it's close:
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I find this situation truly alarming, as I usually receive useful advertisements in the WebClips, and I certainly believe Google to be a reputable company that adheres to higher standards.


I've started getting spam in Russian:

pussy - Huge boobs video clip

I hate spammers.