Monday, January 23, 2012


Last night I had an awesome, disturbing dream. It began with me waking up and realizing I was dead. I was somekind of ghost that people couldn't see, but those close to me could hear and maybe touch. I on the other hand experienced the world as usual -- no walking through walls, no flying, no mind-reading -- it felt the same. Once I realized I could talk to people, I asked them what was going on, and everybody seemed to agree that I'm an invisible ghost now. I assured them I saw neither hell nor heaven, and asked them what they had done with my body.
"Oh, we just called the disposal team and had it incinerated, we thought that's what you would've liked us to do".
"Oh, yes, certainly, good job".
(That's got to be the greatest piece of dialogue I've ever experienced.)
Thoughts of unfinished business and unfulfilled promises raced through my mind, but they were quickly quenched by the realization that I could ask people to do said buisness for me. Still the fear remained that I would soon be unable to communicate with those I've left behind.
After a while I fell asleep and then woke up again and glitches started happening, like objects disappearing. I thought - maybe I was decaying. It was very short-lived. Things started looking and feeling normally again. Actually it felt so normal that with no dead body available I was starting to doubt that I was a ghost. So I challenged the people to shine a laser towards a wall. I put my hand in the laser beam and sure enough the spot on the wall disappeared. But the people told me that no, the spot is right there on the wall, unobstructed. I then told them to point a digital camera at the wall. Surely a system so complicated would separate my possible illusion from theirs, and most likely record the spot on the wall. But it didn't happen. It was just too complicated to dream. I woke up.
I've been trying to decipher this dream to no avail. Maybe I've been reborn or something. Maybe I've just been feeling weird. The Universe has been screwing with me lately, and it's been wonderful.
So remember, don't drink and sleep, and when in doubt, fucking lasers yeah.