Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night they changed the time again, they stole one hour. 6 months later they're going to add it back again. But unlike the bank, where they pay me interest for the money I give them, the authority that implements daylight savings / time change doesn't. And I want my time back. I know I'll get it back in winter, but I want interest on that. I want 5 minutes officially subtracted from one work day by law. But I'd rather have daylight savings abolished altogether, and here's a few reasons why.
I don't know how it's like in other countries, but here, when they add an hour in autumn the trains actually stop for an hour at 3 am to align to the new time. Imagine that! In spring they supposedly run faster to catch up with the new time. Supposedly.
It's true that my computer's clock adjusts to the time change automatically, but many stand-alone clocks don't, and my mobile phone's clock doesn't. Well guess what, it's exactly those clocks that wake you up in the morning. A few years ago I actually arrived at work one hour late because of fucking daylight savings. As if in the 20-fucking-1st century when we have electricity and efficient lighting there were any relevance of "saving daylight" at 6 in the morning. But back to adjusting the clock. I will now adjust my mobile phone's time. I did it. It took 20 key presses and about half a minute. But even if I could live with this, if for example the state offered me 5 to 10 minutes interest on my borrowed hour, there's still the problem of when to adjust the clocks. Here they officially change it at something like 2 or 3 am, and that's when the computer does it, but most people are asleep at 2 am and need to wake up at something like 6 or 7, so there's the option of setting the alarm one hour earlier or adjusting the time in the evening before going to sleep. But what happens if the phone that implements the alarm clock actually does adjust itself at 3 am without the user knowing? You lose one hour of sleep or arrive at work one hour late. See, daylight savings creates a lot of unnecessary headaches and basically loses people money indirectly. Time is money you know. Its disadvantages outweigh it's advantages which are mostly historic. For goodness's sake Fuck Daylight Savings.
P.S. What if the state interprets my request for interest on time as me having to "pay" for the hour they give me in autumn and take back in spring? That would suck so much.
The other hour that happened recently was of course Earth Hour ("urth our! urth our!") which I explained previously is utter bullshit. People shut off the electric lighting for one hour and light candles and glowsticks instead. Candles emit pollutants into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide (which causes, OH MY GOD, global warming!!1), carbon monoxide, ash, et cetera. Candles are energetically inefficient (horribly inefficient), much less efficient than a lightbulb plus coal-fired power plant. It is much more environmentally responsible to use electric lighting than to use candles. It doesn't bring you closer to nature or all that shit when you use candles. Candles are bad for the environment. Use electric lighting, which if supplied by renewable sources, has nearly zero impact. Idiots. Also, a small diesel or compressed-air engine on a lightweight, aerodynamic chassis is more efficient and pollutes less than you riding a bike. You breathe out global-warming-causing carbon dioxide too you know, hippie.