Sunday, March 11, 2007


i need sleep. i cannot sleep. can't remember anything. nothing makes sense.

oh yeah. now i remember.
take a look at what i found while browsing wikipedia.
it's a style of writing in which one refrains from using the verb 'to be'.
Now the reason why they gave it such an idiotic name, I can only take a wild guess at. Maybe it's like when you have a price P of 1.5 bucks for a bottle of beer, but then you go to the other bar and you have a price P' of just 3/4 bucks? I mean, would they be so stupid as to call such a nice idea simply 'the other E.nglish', or 'English version 2'? Oh, by the way, this blog actually uses Web 1.13. The 2.0 version is unstable and buggy. Don't buy that crap.
Apart from its absolutely ridiculous nomenclature, the be-less idea is very nice. Excuse me, I meant the idea fascinates me. It implies a whole new way of thinking about the world and it forces one to exercise care in writing. I have to think more before I write, and I need to acknowledge that my way of stating issues has a profoundly relative quality. Moreover, my way of viewing the world shows the same relativity and subjectivity, which of course I already knew, but have seldom expressed in practice. Philosophy apart, I really find it nicer to read, speak and also to write. Now to call it something worthy of referencing such a valuable concept. I suggest 'English without to be', which I find much more appropriate and self-explanatory. Also, if one were to use this scheme in another language, its name could be easily and appropriately translated.

The next thing I will talk about tonight refers to an advertisement for some cream that supposedly acts on the skin's DNA to reduce aging. I semi-like that commercial more than many others, however I must point out that, even if I lived in a society where men used face cream as often as women did, and even if I myself used face cream, I would most certainly NOT want it acting on my skin DNA to keep me looking youthful. For example, here's some stuff that acts on your skin DNA: mustard gas :)
Quoting: "The compound readily eliminates chloride ion by intramolecular nucleophilic substitution to form a cyclic sulfonium ion. This very reactive intermediate is particularly detrimental to cellular health as it has a strong tendency to bond to the guanine nucleotide in DNA strands. This leads to either immediate cellular death or, as recent research has found, cancer. Mustard gas is not very soluble in water but is very soluble in fat, contributing to its rapid absorption into the skin."
It causes painful blisters and may also cause blindness. That's cool! :D Reminds me of Dethklok episode 1. Yeah. There's some marketing for you.

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