Monday, March 5, 2007

dude! i almost forgot! :)

Valentine's Pay sucks. Man, it's genius! Saw it in a local newspaper. Valentine's Pay. Yup. Nothing can sum up what it's all about like "Valentine's Pay" does. And I'm not a supporter of Steak and Blowjob Day, but Valentine's Pay sucks. The mere fact that there's a Catholic saint that has something to do with love is wrong. The simple fact that in modern times, many people equate love with sex, is wrong. And that the Church has a saint who deals with sex, is so wrong. Everything about this Pay is wrong. It's like being nice to your girlfriend (and that includes Paying) in order to get sex. It's like prostitution. Not that there's something very wrong with prostitution, except that to maintain fairness, it should be labeled as such. S & BJ would be just a gender-wise reflection, and I have to admit it's damn funny and very politically correct. Still, screw Valentine's Pay. You know what would be cool for Valentine's Pay? A death metal concert, complete with moshpit and head wounds, and sex afterwards. (Do maggots have sex in one's wounds, or do they just lay eggs? Or does it depend on the type of maggot?). Still working on the blacker-than-black paint made of powdered black holes. Shit, it's 5 am and I've got work this morning. Shit.

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KiCU said...

dude! i almost forgot! YOU ARE RIGHT !