Saturday, March 31, 2007


"I'd rather DIE than go to heaven" -- William Murderface
"Today we are going to talk about HELL" -- Father Maxi
"Death is the end of life in a biological organism, marked by the full cessation of its vital functions." -- Wikipedia

Much can be said on the subject of death. Each second brings us closer to death (by controlled internal burning). Death is all around us and it's very much necessary for life to exist. We live off death. There. I've said it. When a living body ceases to die, it becomes, well, cancer. Cancer is immortal. Yeah, I prefer embracing death. Besides, it's cool, with the black hood and scythe and all that. Real cool. I want to wear a black hood too, and wield a deadly scythe and be omnipotent! Oh. Wait. I already am.

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