Monday, March 5, 2007

discovery sucks and religion is wrong.

nothing can be more boring than american hotrod on discovery and jurassica on discovery science. and it seems to be going on like this for hours. all night. it's plain annoying. i mean, there are a lot of good shows on discovery. a lot of very good shows. american hotrod is just a miserable copy of american chopper, a show that really rules. but this hotrod stuff, it simply lacks punch. american hotrod pisses me off. dinosaurs also blow. i've grown to hate the effin' dinosaurs. dinosaurs here, dinosaurs there, elaborate computer simulations with how dinosaurs eat, sleep and sleep with each other. it's Lame. it's not even photo-realistic, but that's another rant. the ONLY thing there is to learn from studying dinosaurs is that religion is wrong, period. that, dude, hello, there was life like 200 million years ago, and whether that was made by a god, by God, or whatever, it really doesn't matter. (most of) religion is wrong for telling me otherwise and (most of) religion is wrong for telling me what is good and bad in an absolute fashion and it's plain wrong for trying to regulate my sexual functions. now of course, that's no reason to throw feces in religion's eye. but i've got good reason to rant about discovery's lousy programming and the fact that here in romania they've started airing commercials on discovery, _romanian_ commercials, which suck! not only do most romanian commercials lack any intellectual appeal, which is to be expected, but some feature intentionally bad sound production in order to catch the viewers' attention, and that pisses me off. you hear an idiot woman actor that sounds something like an idiot man with a sore throat. why would you want to emphasize the bass in that idiot's voice so much and not simply hire a male idiot to read her part? some of these days i have to write a list of products that i will absolutely never buy because their advertising sucks! this being said, there's that "documentary" that claims to be scientific only because some feel science is above everything else! i mean leave jesus alone, jesus a cool fellow. leave him alone unless you've got some scientific evidence, which you don't.

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