Sunday, August 12, 2007


heavy ranting today folks.
with certain notable exceptions, the press is a whore. they exploit every possible event and distort the truth in order to gain viewers / readers. everybody knows (should know) that. but if being a whore wasn't bad enough, a certain part of the press can justly be labeled a stupid whore. For instance: after a month-long drought followed by a day of light rain, mr. weather reporter reports: "starting tomorrow we're finally getting rid of the rain". But this is only a mild example. It makes me want to live in Afghanistan with all the uneducated people there using primitive tools instead of electricity when I hear people measuring energy in "kW/h". And I'm talking about people in the hi-tech, computers-magazine-type press. Dude, I mean, he only played a significant role in the industrial revolution that ultimately brought you all this comfort and gadgetry, why the hell should you know what a watt is?! Right? In school I was expected to know the year, month, day and preferrably hour when Johnny Walkman the Great signed the ass-kissing treaty of Cockpissville, plus all the mountains, mountain passes (with height to four significant digits), mountain peaks (with height to four significant digits), hills (with height to...), plains (), rivers (length in km with four,,.,.....), bla-blas, cities with sexually-hinting and otherwise stupid names (with population, thankfully with only 1 significant digit), know all the blokes who are claimed to have written valuable literature, know their work,...... and people that report "news" to other millions of people don't even know what a watt-hour is, or that "knots" are a measure of speed. Yeah, today someone was reporting a boat's top speed in knots per hour. I smiled :) Maybe I should understand that in such a fast-moving, ever-changing world, people feel the need to think of everything as an acceleration. Or maybe I should re-re-evaluate the necessary bit width of stupid, again.

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