Tuesday, August 7, 2007

man space man enter

I was watching some documentary on some channel while the other was airing commercials, about air crashes. Except for all the sensationalist parts, it's acceptable and fair to watch. So this pilot was flying some large passenger plane and suddenly hits turbulence or something, I wasn't paying attention. What I did pay attention to was the way he managed to crash it into some houses on the ground killing a lot of people. It seems the rudder control sensitivity was higher than he expected and so he violently jerked it full-swing left and right, repeatedly, thinking the plane's erratic movement was due to the (long-gone) turbulence. In fact he was fucking up the plane himself. This violent struggle with the obedient machine, pictured through the usual crappy computer graphics, continued until the tail fell off from the excessive and repeated stress. Partly the builder's fault, but come on! I could be potentially sitting quietly in my home, and suddenly be crashed by a falling plane, why, because the pilot didn't RTFM! (Fire and smoke and shitty CGI again). Yes, human life is just another commodity. Sad.
P.S.: Kids! Read The Friendly Manual!

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