Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Nearly all tools can be repurposed to function as a hammer, even though very few tools are intentionally designed for it.

A hammer is a useful thing. For example:
What to do when your design needs 38 macrocells so it won't fit in an XC9536 CPLD?
You can:
a) use an XC9572 at almost twice the cost and fill up the rest with
a.1. (a piece of) another design from a separate piece of hardware (see c.1)
a.2. a new, useful feature
a.3. a new, gratuitous feature ('because I can, dammit!')
a.4. nothing
b) move a small piece to external discrete logic (if possible)
c) repartition the design
c.1. move some functionality to other hardware
c.2. move some functionality to software
d) fuck the compiler/synthesizer/translator/mapper/fitter and hand-optimize (hopeless, the machine is always better than you)
d) use a hammer as pictured.

All hail the alias- and quantization-noise-ridden, superbly crappy picture.

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