Thursday, August 23, 2007

press 2

tv and radio stations get censored quite heavily. certain things can't be shown/spoken on tv/radio between certain hours ("to protect children") or never at all. (here) no poll results can be shown on tv prior to elections. and so on. certain authorities will fine stations that don't comply or even revoke their broadcast licence. well: how much until the internet starts being censored too? in 10 years time, would i be able to say fuck on this blog, and do it legally? this is really worrying. i mean, this blog can be read anytime by anyone in the world, irrespective of their age. (kids go away!) sure, unlike tv stations, i don't need a license in order to post here. but will it still be like this 10 years in the future? fcuk {politics, control, the system}. potentially contaminated yogurt best before september the 11th has been confiscated. oh the irony.


etor said...

Although the thing with not showing poll results before elections may be illegal in some parts of the civilized world, I do believe, afaik, that they did not illegalize that in our country. Checking that yourself may be of use.

ret 784 said...

it's illegal, their idea being that it would influence the voters. and it probably would.