Saturday, August 4, 2007

CO_2 bullcrap

I've been meaning for a lot of time to write an article about how much I hate cars and traffic and pollution. For instance, instead of being forced to attend sports class in school, I would have very much preffered being able to use my bike instead of the subway/underground between the school and my apartment. But I was not, because until recently bikes were banned on a lot of streets and more importantly because there are too many fucking cars. Besides Romanian drivers being one of the most uncivilized in the EU, there's the damn smoke! The same fucking smoke that enters my window when I try to ventilate the room. It stinks and most probably is not healthy. Between the idiot that invented the suit and tie, and the cretin that thought about putting LEAD into gasoline,... I wish I had the money/power to erect a grand statue of human shame. They're not allowing Pb in circuit boards now because it's toxic; this makes the circuits unreliable. It's a totally unnecessary measure, as all the lead in those circuit boards would ideally be recycled. But cars in Romania and other countries have been running on leaded gasoline for years, without anyone caring. It's being phased out now, but exhaust fumes still STINK! I've seen a documentary that correctly argues that artificial CO_2 does not cause global warming. And even if it did, who the fuck cares? People are living in Africa and South Asia and Central America just fine with very high temperatures. Extreme weather? Look at it this way: besides there being absolutely no evidence that we're causing hurricanes and floods, more people probably die in car accidents than in said hurricanes and floods. So I don't give a flying fuck about the CO_2 in car exhaust, I just hate cars, and please replace the shit in gasoline that's toxic and stinky when burned! It's not global warming we should be worrying about, it's pollution and toxicity. Dust, industrial ash, acoustic noise and light pollution. Yes, and ideatic pollution from all the commercials, religious extremists, political extremists, environmental extremists and so on. We should probably be worrying about increasing oil prices rather than CO_2. And we actually are, and new technologies are being developed. Why am I ranting then? Because of all the wrongness.
P.S. There are a lot of substances that, when properly burned, only release CO_2 and H_2O in the atmosphere, and no crap such as ash or lead, nitrogen, sulphur or phosphorous oxides. Problem is, they're expensive. One example is alcohol, which can be produced by bacteria from just about any oranic stuff, but it's more economically used as booze rather than fuel.

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