Friday, November 16, 2007


This early morning I'm feeling very dark, cynical, uncaring, self-centered, rightfully judgemental and rightfully offensive. Again :)
To start, fuck Italy again. Don't buy Italian products and don't go to Italy. If you're Italian, consider doing whatever it takes to clean up your people's attitude towards the immigrants who support a good part of your goddamned economy. Or at least obey the damn fucking law.
Further, fuck dot-berlin again. Watch this: pedophile allowed to work in kiddiegarden. Way cool, keep it up. At least he didn't fuck the kids, but what if he had.
Fuck Japanese culture. Why the hell would you ban pictures of genitals? Is it like they're not part of the human body or something? Is it like they don't have as right a function as other body parts? Is it like I can drink through my mouth, but it's somehow dirty to urinate through my dick? Is it like I can play idiotic Japanese video games with my hands and feel some idiotic pleasure in my brain, but I can't somehow masturbate or have sex without feeling guilty? Furthermore, fuck their work culture. Remember the guy who derailed the train he was driving, killing a lot of people, because he was like 1 minute late? Oooh, the dishonor! Oooh, the shame! One full fucking minute, dude! Well, a former co-worker of his actually commited harakiri when his train was late some 40 seconds, so it figures. Also, fuck their writing. They have 2 different alphabets for writing words as syllables, and they sometimes do that on signs, next to the main text. However, they still choose to use ideographs, which is a plain stupid idea because of objective reasons: they're fairly complex to display, they're hard to alphabetize and sort, there's too many of the goddamned symbols, and it's a primitive, retarded system. In my exceedingly unhumble opinion. This also applies to Chinese. I was reading an article a long time ago, also on Oddly Enough, about some Chinese politicians having names that are spelled with some ancient arcane characters that nobody knwos how to draw or pronounce. Well. 26 letters is an idea too simple or elegant for you idiots to adopt.
Next on the list, Singapore bans video game for sexy scene. Well. Singapore rules in many ways, for example they employ corporal punishment on criminals. Bamboo sticks to the ass. That fucking rocks. Law and order, by reason and by fear. Unfortunately this philosophy has the side effect of reducing some personal freedoms, especially when it comes to sex, but so be it. Nobody's forcing you to live in Singapore. And being such a small country that has it so well, no wonder their politicians spend time banning video games for just one questionable scene, albeit a very sexy and exciting one - I mean, having not seen the actual game, just the mental picture I get from reading the neutral description in the article is very hot. And here I am, shamelessly praising a Microsoft product.
Finally, some tropical fishes can live out of water for months. Well. Nature sure is cool. Evolution wins again, Ha-Ha!
But wait. Now I'm also finding out that yesterday some Japanese welcomed the year's first shipment of Beaujolais nouveau by... bathing in it. Apparently the wine needed to be poured in the pool by a sommelier. Well. Sometimes French does have a certain liquid quality to its sound.

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