Thursday, November 22, 2007

the list

I have a theory regarding the latest South Park episode. I'm terribly said because it's also the last in the season and I won't be seeing any more South Park till spring :| But still, I have a theory regarding "The List" and it goes like this:
Haven't you noticed that Abraham Lincoln's ghost has a striking resemblance, in its looks, voice and behaviour, to the Ghost of Human Kindness that abducts children? :D Well, I guess thousands of people saw that too, but I din't care to google so as not to skew my description.
So I was laying down comfortably watching Kyle plot to burn down the school, and the ghost of Abraham Lincon shows up and I'm like: Ohhh shit! :D He's going to abduct him now! :D Come on! Come on! Abduct him! :D But he did not abduct him, and I think I found the reason why: you see, unlike Butters, who ageed with the Ghost of Human Kindness after his instructive lecture, Kyle did not. He just went on to be a "fucking asshole".

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