Thursday, November 22, 2007


miscellaneous shit.
1) i didn't have time until now to rant about how much halloween sucks. first of all, that's not even a name, it sounds too stupid and awkward to be a name. it sounds more like a kid's joke. a deranged, physically abused kid. second, treat-or-tricking is stupid. it encourages begging and property damage. it presents them in such a light as to make them seem acceptable. they're not. third, what's with all the ghost-vampire-werewolf-whatever costumes? if i were to wear black and white paint on my face, that would freak the fuck out of people. but on halloween it's somehow acceptable. there was some kid in some disco on tv: "i'm the cute blood-sucking vampire, excuse me, i have to hit on some more girls and suck their blood". i have only one thing to say about that: "do you like to eat red carpet?! do you like to eat red carpet?!" oh yeah :) fourth, fuck halloween, just another opportunity to spend money on shit. well, at least you're not being emotionally blackmailed to do so like on valentine's pay.
2) some misguided kids broke a world record in bucharest some weeks ago. care to take a wild guess? yes, they built the world's longest condom chain, allegedly to raise awarness towards aids. well, you could raise awarness towards aids by DISTRIBUTING condoms for free, rather than ruining them by tying them up and laying them down on the fucking asphalt! you should distribute condoms and informative flyers, not ruin perfectly good products worth at least as much as a truckload of beer. damn, condoms are too expensive! no wonder people prefer to drink one more beer and then go home and have unprotected sex, rather than use a condom and drink a beer less. and these kids ruined a shopful of condoms just to get some media attention. shame.
3) lack of toilets is fatal to approx. 2 million people each year. i knew that. i respect the modern toilet. it's humanity's greatest invention ever by far.
4) oppressed indian in malaysia sues britain for... 4 trillion u.s. bucks. good luck.
5) chestnut from anne frank's tree auctioned. at first i thought: who the fuck is anne frank, what an ugly name. then i googled and man, is this whole thing ugly. sad. ugly. sad. ugly. horrible. what if fascists in italy and nazis in dot-berlin were to rise to power again? heck.
6) as low as 4% of "charity xmas cards" earnings actually goes to charity. well, what did you expect. why the hell would i buy "charity cards" anyway? go see "filantropica". and while you're there, go see "the company" too. and yeah, just as the article says, read the goddamned fine print. "4% of earnings goes to charity". "drink our juice, it has natural ingredients, bla-bla. contains 0.2% fruit juice". true, legal, fair.
7) whatever, i forgot.

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