Thursday, November 1, 2007


Stuff that's laughable.
1. dot-berlin. So not only do Germans hate speaking English (well, many of them at least), not only do they oppose reforms by the EU, but now they want a new TLD for their capital city =))
So, what if, London wanted .london, and Paris wanted .paris, and New York wanted .new-york, and then some other special-interest-group from New York wanted .newyork because it's shorter, and what if then someone from Bucharest where I live wanted .bucharest? Then what if we would require .baneasa, .berceni, .militari, .muncii - areas of Bucharest. Do that with every major city in the world, and we would have tens of thousands of top-level domains, just because isn't enough. And we would have to do that, because we can't discriminate against other major capitals or cities just because Berlin speaks Deutsch and has some Communist wall. On a related note, now that .cat has been approved and some other significant linguistic groups are requesting their own TLDs, maybe they can also assign one to each of those decrepit languages that are spoken by 20 to 50 people and were once heavily advertised on the Discoveries during breaks. So maybe they'll get contempt with having like, between 0 and 3 sites and advertise their decaying culture there, and stop trying to take over my mind 3 minutes at a time. Like I should somehow get impressed and maybe donate half a penny so they could further raise their children to spear-hunt animals and sing 3-note songs when there's microelectronics, quantum mechanics, molecular biology, macroeconomics and western music to study, among lots of others. That's fucking annoying, and pointless. So fuck .berlin, fuck .mobi, .museum and other dots, fuck trying to save endangered species consisting of 0 to 5 individuals, and fuck daylight savings.
2. Fuck PPPoE.
3. Fuck wisdom teeth
4. Fuck neckties (the most useless object ever invented)
5. Fuck daylight savings
6. Fuck outdated medicine
7. Fuck leaded gasoline
8. Fuck fuckedee fuck fuck fuck
9. Fuck daylight savings
10. for sale: Cat-5 Ethernet cable, 20m, IPv6-compatible
11. that's all.

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etor said...

A good question is what would it happen if Paris, France would want to get .paris TLD and that would already be taken by Paris, Idaho, or Paris, Kentucky, or Paris, Illinois, or Paris, Arkansas?

And speaking of language uniformity across a certain TLD, would the language of .paris be French (because Paris, France is more important) or English (because the other Paris cities come in a larger number)?