Saturday, July 7, 2007


from a post on the synth-diy list: don't prototype with hanging wires. solder the parts to a stripboard. that way, if your prototype works, you also get a finished circuit! :D
i hate stripboard. i like planning my layout beforehand and auto-checking with the schematic.
so i do { the schematic, simulation, layout } while(whatever), then etch and drill pcbs directly.
and then i correct them with hanging wires.
when i'm too lazy to print, transfer, etch and drill, i simply simulate again. dump the waveforms and play them as audio. or do something else.
the process is exemplified here while the site lasts. "iad" is .ro for hell, btw. i find that so childishly cool.
my first pcb was double-sided, made by toner transfer, with a 0.8mm pitch tqfp. got it right at the third try. with the help of two other people and a lot of wires to replace over-etched traces. during experimentation, one laminate exploded from overheating. it was fun. i vowed to never make another double-sided pcb by toner transfer. ever again.

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