Monday, July 23, 2007

code red

While just two timezones away the poor British are being savagely flooded, here in Romania the meteorologists have just issued a red warning code because of the heat. well, we've been on orange for a few weeks now, so the one or two extra degrees that pushed us into the red zone don't really mean more than media impact. More seriously, there's starting to be a shortage of bottled water in the stores, due in part to the fact that trucks are only allowed to travel during the night, but more likely due to the massive increase in demand. However, unlike some of my friends for whom I can only feel deeply sorry, I can still use my computer, which is the ultimate good thing. It shows no signs of severe overheating, and if it eventually does, I hope I'd be able to use the eBox, for it drains less power. Yeah. In conclusion, we're fucking the planet big-time. But hey, why not cut down 300 trees when there's millions to be made by building an office tower there and selling it. Right? Yeah. Why use the underground, which has 'natural' air-conditioning, when using a four-seat car just for myself is just much more comfortable, even though the trip may actually take longer because the streets are so crowded. Hell if I care, right? 6 people a day die in car accidents in this country alone. Good for them, they're leaving this red-hot red-coded hell. Yeah, and why write efficient code that results in less CPU power consumption when we can write sloppy code fast, requiring ever-faster hardware. Hell, I can't blame the economy for wanting to grow. After all, there's a lot of good stuff that comes out of this. I just don't care that much, really. 'Cause I dig it now, there's no heaven by default, and there's no hell, because we've been building and maintaining one up here for ages. Only one thing bothers me, when something bad happens and people start bringing in emotional crap. Oh my god what a disaster, oh the pain, bla-bla. Have the decency to shut up, we did it to ourselves. But then again, maybe I shouldn't care about that either. I can only hope there's never going to be a need to distill drinking water from the sea. When that day comes, my mind and soul would have been transferred to a computer. Hopefully.

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