Thursday, July 19, 2007


all beautiful things pass. they end, they die, the fade away and get devoured by langoliers. every wonderful moment is just that, a moment. it fades away, it dissolves, it dies. this damned ebox 2300 is so slow. it can't keep up with my typing. and i'm a slow typist, particularly when i'm sitting in bed with the monitor between my legs. then again, i might just type in the text editor and then paste here. yup. now it works. the ebox 2300 is an interesting and not-so-wonderfully-designed piece of hardware, just as the ebox ii that i was using last year, but it's not that bad, and it only costs a hundred bucks or so. this model has two opportunities for a parralel port but uses none. and one for a joystick port. i might solder in the necessary connections, hack up some drivers and play skyroads or pacman or my asm-tetris homework using a joystick. but then again, i might not. who the hell invented uppercase letters. uppercase sucks. why would i use an uppercase letter to signal the beginning of a sentence when i have just signaled the end of the previous sentence with a period. granted, it makes seeking on to a sentence easier. so there, uppercase letters have a use. but as i was saying... time flies, or whatever it does, or we fall through time or whatever, and it just sucks. time may be an illusion, and lunch time may well be doubly so, but it's still depressing. but as my good friend WackyR said (there, another good use for uppercase letters, which still suck), all things end, really. good things and bad things alike. the rolling stones concert, my rotten last relationship, college, headaches, colds, hangovers, moon landings, floods, autumn, summer, life, life on earth, the universe, god maybe, sigh. what if things were immortal? what if we could live forever? that would suck so much. so you see, wacky r is right. everything ends, and that's a Good Thing. Damn, uppercase again. I might even start writing things hypercorrectly from now on. Or maybe not. so as i was saying, what if everything lasted forever? certainly that wouldn't be good. i mean, information kind of lasts forever some might say, but i say not. it also dies. everything dies. daylight dies to reveal the stars, sunlight dies for the air to cool down, nighttime dies for the morning to rise and our cells die to keep our bodies young. and we die so that we don't fight our children over finite resources. everything dies, and it's a wonderful thing.

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