Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I watch the news regularly and listen to the newspapers via the summaries broadcast on TV.
A few nights ago, the news reporter was reporting: Yesterday a very cool cultural event took place in Bucharest's Youth Park. Titled 'Reflections of Narcis' or something like that, it featured actors acting in a shallow part of the lake with lots of surrealist decor.
I stood thinking for 3 seconds and mentally shouted: NOW YOU'RE TELLING ME?! fuckers.
Today, I saw the same story in a newspaper. Of course, it's routine for the newspapers to report on events three to five days after they happen, but that's another story. So -- big title in the news, Narcis Reflections, bla-bla. DO I FUCKING CARE? Would it have been so hard to have told me this BEFORE it happened? So that I could have watched those dudes act in the lake? YES! Incompetents! I don't even know who I need to blame: the newspapers and televisions for reporting one to three days too late, or the organizers who didn't announce it in time? I don't know. Did they announce? Whose fault was it? Was it my fault maybe? Did they announce it before and I missed it? Could be.

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etor said...

Now really, it's fairly unfair to say that. The press and TV only presented reviews, which are, usually (due to the lack in time travel capacity), posted after the event takes place.

Besides, nobody was supposed to announce you. Did you register for this-kind-of-events newsletters? No! Did you ask anybody? No!

You know, one simple look through a 24fun or something with the same purpose would have probably let you know that the event was going to take place, before it took place.