Friday, December 7, 2007


A Santa was fired because he said "ho ho ho" and sang "Jingle Bells", two classic Western Xmas emblems. This happened because the word "ho" is supposedly insulting due to its "American slang" meaning of whore.
First of all, it's not strictly American slang, it's American ghetto contraction.
Second, it's American "slang", not Australian slang, and the stuff happens in Austrialia. So I don't get it.
Third, a lot of words can have very different meanings, and unintentional double entrende happens all the time without anyone in their right mind getting offended.
Fourth, a woman that would get offended by a Santa chanting the well-known festive "ho ho ho" may very well have a good chance of either being itself a whore, or terribly sexually frustrated.
Fifth, a man that would ban Santas from ho-ho-hoing is itself an idiot that has nothing better to do to and chooses to take such radical and unwarranted actions in order to justify its salary.
Sixth, Xmas is almost as bad as Valentine's Pay.
Seventh, it's not 'the word "ho," which is', it's 'the word "ho", which is'. The comma inside the quotes is illogical, and due to very old, outdated reasons having to do with the mechanics of typesetting.
Eighth, it's probably correct to write "ho' ", but who cares anyway.
Ninth, "They're trying to kill the spirit of Xmas", said the man who was fired. Notice the logically-correct use of punctuation in my case versus the original article, but what spirit of x-mas?
In some unrelated news, some Indian court decides women are allowed to serve drinks in Delhi. What an impressive sign of progress. Maybe in 10 years they'll be able to be kissed by men on their cheeks. Maybe in 100 years they could actually marry whoever the hell they feel like marrying. Make that 300 years. Maybe in 600 years they'll be able to tell between actually wanting something and being educated to want something. It's interesting to see how in a country plagued by poverty and overpopulation, people choose to worry about stuff like this instead of increasing the standard of living or something. They deserve their fate. Everybody does.

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