Wednesday, December 12, 2007


British religious leaders urge people to cut the crap regarding Xmas. They're not OK with people trying do de-Christianize and neutralize Xmas for the sake of "religious equality" and "political corectness". That's right. It's not called Winterval (idiots) it's called Christmas and many people celebrate it just because it's a nice holiday, eventhough they're not Christian. Now that's a good example of sensibility and reason versus fanatical idiotic political-corectness.
On the other hand, "biologist" guy sues employer for firing him for being an evolution-bashing, close-minded, bible fanatic. Good. I hope he loses. So this is the difference between religion as a positive element in human life, that gives hope and meaning and motivation, and misunderstood religion that dumbs people down, and misused religion that's used as a pretext for war by people that have no connection with moral and ethics whatsoever.
My comments on the second article:
Dude, you can see evolution in the test tube. Why do you think bacteria are getting stronger and stronger each year, while researchers are battling to come up with stronger and stronger antibiotics? Because bacteria evolve through natural and artificial selection. Wait, sorry, I forgot. Bacteria don't exist because God didn't create them in 6/7 days in the Bible. Sorry. Didn't mean to say that. Idiots.
Furthermore, humans have created artificial evolution using Machines. For example, Computers can be used to evolve all sorts of stuff in Virtual Reality. Such as antennas/ae for communications. All Hail Machines, Computers and Virtual Spaces. People have evolved electronic circuits on reconfigurable fabric, that outperform even the best human-designed circuits. They look tangled and mysterious. They seem to have parts that don't do anything, that are apparently separated from the main circuit. But take them out and the main part ceases to function, because they're connected in subtle ways that human engineers intentionally neglect, as those couplings are uncontrollable and weak. So the artificially evolved circuits almost look alive. They evolve to fit their environment perfectly and profit from all its resources. Their only downside is their fragility - change the environment a little bit, such as a few degrees of temperature, and they die. We're working on that.
Anyway, just as I can evolve circuits inside a machine artificially, life evolves "naturally" on Earth. So evolution really doesn't exclude God or other deities, it's just that most scientists are not interested in God because God is sometimes very hard to see or contact. There is no problem with that, the problem is with all the idiots and fanatics that interpret in a literal fashion some old texts that have no traceable super-human origin.

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