Friday, February 23, 2007

the toilet

this is an ode to the toilet, humanity's greatest invention.
q: where would we be without the toilet.
a: in a pile oh sh!t.
my deepest respect to the ones who created and enhanced the toilet. otoh,
my deepest disrespect to those who invented, for example, formal attire and dress codes. you don't deserve to burn in hell, not having to pay heating bills.
oh, and whose idea was it anyway to invent stuff like, you know, war? or philosophical concepts deeply imbedded in various cultures present and past, that treat people like commodities? who, why? because there's no room left in hell and they started screening candidates, that's why.
why can't people invent something useful for a change, something comparable to the mighty flushing toilet? or the pencil and paper? or the planar semiconductor process that is used in fabricating integrated circuits, such as those in this damn computer who the ancients might have viewed as GODLIKE!
yeah. stuff that changed the world. and it all started with
the toilet.
i am a slave of the toilet.
without a toilet, i am weak. i admit it.
if i ever became world leader, as if such a ridiculous idea had a material equivalent, i'd make a big statue of a toilet. make that two statues. no. make that four. and make sure everybody in the world who needed a toilet, but didn't have one, received one for free. free as in free beer. that would rule so much :D

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