Saturday, November 5, 2011


I hear this annoying argument all the time: I live in a cold climate so my {home server, tube amp, idle set-top box, microwave oven display} doesn't waste electricity, it just helps keep my house warm.
I understand that resistive space heaters are popular in the U.S., but in the rest of the world some people like heat pumps better. The heat output from both resistive space heaters and microprocessors or all other electronics is equal to the electrical energy drawn from the grid. The heat output from a heat pump-based device is higher than the electrical energy input, the difference resulting from cooling the outside air. Just like air conditioning in the summer, but in reverse. So there, your inefficient technology is not only helping keep your home warm, it's also wasting electricity that could otherwise be used to heat it more efficiently.


Alex B said...

The idle set-top box doesn't waste electricity, it just helps keep my cat warm ;)

Liviu said...

I do not have a set-top box.
But I have a wireless router which stays on line all the time... so, should I buy a cat to make sure I do not waste electricity, therefore heat, when I do not need Internet access?

Mihai Todor said...

Ahhh... The good ol' days in Regie. Since we always had 4 desktops running almost 24x7 in the room, we never could complain about being cold during the winter. Even when it was 20 below, I used to sleep only in T-shirt and shorts, without a blanket :))