Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Are you deeply concerned with pollution, global warming, nuke accidents and all the shit that comes with modern, power-hungry technology? Are you thinking green, feeling green, living green? Caring about the environment? Celebrating Earth Hour by switching off the lights and burning stuff? Or are you just concerned with your electricity bill, netbook battery, or living in Japan where the power grid's flaky after the quake?
Well, then use a goddamn low-power web browser while you surf for pr0n!


Liviu said...

Aha, I knew it: Opera & Chrome kill Earth. I know a guy I shall just send an e-mail on that.

This is so funny. I bet IE9 got so effective by eliminating all Javascript from pages, displaying no pictures, and showing only the text version with no formatting :)

I really liked your joke and the link to MS's very biased bragging post. Keep bringing to us such posts!

P.S.: You could use IE9 for a week and tell us how "good" it is. That should lead to another funny post.

andreiolaru said...

Ohhh, I am so sure that's how the users should choose their browser. In fact, they're right: the browser is probably so shitty that users will only use it for a minimum amount of time => lower power usage.

For the record, I have not yet installed or experienced IE9.

But the second comment in the article has a point. I'll quote: "For the record, the fact that you're using bar charts that don't line up zero means that those charts are in fact very misleading. Because the power consumption charts start at 10 W, differences as little as 5% look like nearly 100% differences. In the about:blank example alone, it's scaled to show opera consuming over 93% more power, while the raw data and even the accompanying text show that it only consumes a little over 5% more than IE9. In the battery life chart at the end, the origin is 2 hours, which makes a 38% increase in battery life look like closer to a 150% increase in battery life."