Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today I feel unusually dark, cynical, unemphatic, insensitive, uncaring, angry, hateful, cruel, heartless. Heartless is a doubly inappropriate term in this case, as a) the heart is the source of emotion, just like the brain serves in cooling the body, and b) I am fully capable of feeling disgust, loathing, aversion, hate, as well as pleasure in others' suffering.

For example, I was reading about some big company testing their cosmetic products on animals. Well, I would feel a little bit safer if a product I'm using had been tested on something similar to my skin. Cruel and unethical to do that on rats or cute fuzzy rabbits, which are classified as pests? I agree. It would be ethical to test them on humans, both towards the animals and towards the end-users, who can be assured of a more reliable test. To the question of which humans should the products be tested on, I can only answer by pointing towards the ones who fanatically campaign for this idea that I fully endorse.

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