Sunday, May 27, 2007


it is certainly possible to squeeze out every bit of performance from some given hardware, but, even though cute, it is most certainly wrong.
it takes too much time, it's prone to bugs, it darkens the mind, poisons the body and soul, and kills the spirit. so does not following the methodology agreed upon from the start.

this being said, following in no particular order are some of the nicest moments from this years' Suceavean Hard&Soft contest.

- having to lean over the window to catch 802.11 signal
- rum chocolate, chili, bitter and beer
- blackscreening the macbook
- le compteur des coups de foudre (or smth like that)
- ... which remained zero even after two heavy thunderstorms
- >:P lightning flash counter!!
- i'm donald duck in space. now i'll just swipe this rfid card over hereah, and now i'm a metallic alien and i will conquer ... i will... conquer ... this hallway! yeah. that's right.
- can you ctrl-alt-del a mac? no. why? simple. cause there's no delete key.
- gimme some potato soup please, and some potato mash with fried potatoes
- now i'll just put this teaspoon in my mouth in order to decrease my impedance
- the more times i do it, the more time it takes for the application to respond to my keystroke!
- a PA system! cool! let's throw RF at it!
- they got a great signal, but they cheated.
- i should've installed linux on it.

sincere thanks and congratulations to the organizers, sponsors and jury.
it was great. i'm so sorry it's over. hope they keep organizing it for many decades to come.

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