Sunday, February 12, 2012


Party. Guy friend. Girl. They meet. They dance. They touch. Their faces come close, closer, closer. Girl prepares to kiss guy. At last moment guy pulls head back and walks away. Didn't think I'd live to see that.

Idiot, Y U no kiss girl?


Liviu said...

Although I do not know what you have actually witnessed, I can imagine the situation. Based on that, I might even get a comment, which maybe (just maybe) explains the situation:

1. What if the guy decided to play tough? (Girls play tough when they are younger, but guys play tough when they get older)

2. What if all he wanted to do was dance, touch etc.? Maybe he did not want to do anything which would require an explanation and/or retreat the next day.

Mihai Todor said...

Are you, by any chance, referring to the guy that we both know as "ursulețu'"? :D Honestly, I'd bet 100$ on this hunch, because he fits the description perfectly =))