Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm on a long scientific visit at a scientific institute, I'm accomodated at a student guesthouse that's on the institute's scientific network and am not allowed to use the Internet for anything other than scientific purposes. I'm also not allowed to transfer more than 420MB/day or thereabout. Their leaflet says they'd let me but they can't because their traffic is metered and they're paying by amount of data transferred. I'm not a furious downloader, especially when I know I'm on a limited network. I just want to relax, read Slashdot and stream a news channel at some few 100 kb/s. But I can't because the institute's traffic is metered.

P.S. Oh shit this post is not scientific enough I'll be punished! [hides]


Michael said...

"stream a news channel at some few 100 kb/s" - That's just no fun. I'd download some HD movie via torrents, just for the hell of it. After they'd cut me off for exceeding the traffic limit, I'd connect the network cable to the electricity plug on the wall :D

andreiolaru said...

Noooooo, no youtube??!? An *cough* other streaming services?