Friday, April 30, 2010


Recently the ubuntu guys decided to move the buttons to the left of the window and eliminate the icon, like so:Worst idea ever. When I browse in a maximized browser or when I keep my Pidgin on the right edge of the screen it seems like the window is falling off into the void, because the space on the top-right corner is so empty.
Fortunately, this being an open system, you can change this, but not from some user-friendly application like the theme selector (where by the way, the sample window decorations are still drawn the classic way -- double fail), no, you have to use the gconf-editor, a kind of registry editor for Linux (ugh) and modify the button_layout under apps/metacity/general:


Mihai Maruseac said...

See here a better solution :)

Mihai Maruseac said...

Forgot the link: