Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's said that people who live on the first and second floors die older, because they rarely take the elevator and thus have more healthy exercise. On two occasions today I shared the elevator with people who ascended just one floor. A few days ago the elevator was nonfunctional. It was stuck at the second floor. I can't be totally sure, but my guess is that someone walked into the building, took the elevator to the second floor, got out and instead of closing the door in a civilized fashion, they kicked the fuck out of it. The door bounced back just as someone else was calling the elevator and the interlock was closing. It didn't have enough time to close so the door got stuck open. Then again, the interlock might have just been defective, not allowing the external door to open, and the person getting out might have manually opened it, got out in a civilized fashion and left it locked (it can only be overriden from the inside). If the first scenario actually happened (I don't claim it did), I can only wonder how could someone be so lazy as to take the elevator to the second floor, and at the same time blast the shit out of the door. Maybe they were in a hurry.

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