Monday, September 17, 2007


Autumn is finally here! No more burning rays, no more heat waves. Just mild sunshine, grey skies, cool wind, soothing rain. Dawn comes later each day. Nature slows down. Trees go to sleep, grass dies, bugs die, everything dies. The death of the leaves is beautiful. Everything is more interesting in autumn, because it's changing so fast. So life is boring, but birth and death are nice. Seeing nature come to life in spring is nice. Feeling warmth after a cold winter is nice. Seeing nature die in autumn is nice. Even winter is nice because it's so unusual and tough and smells fine. It's so quiet and void of life, one can only hear the wind howl. All these moments, images, feelings are a good incentive for meditation and self-analysis, be it deep or shallow, pretentious or casual. Summer on the other hand, sucks. I fucking hate summer. Nothing interesting ever happens in summer, except the occasional thunderstorm, and it's much, much too hot. I wish I had a house in Norway or Iceland or maybe Scotland, where I would spend all the stupid summers. Fuck whoever tilted the Earth's axis! :)

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