Thursday, June 28, 2007


i moved the blue crossover ethernet patch cable that's been standing on my desk for the last four weeks. because it was getting to cluttered. i mean, it still is too cluttered and i vow to clean it up sometime during the next six months. it's not so much about the clutter as it's about the dust. bucharest is a filthy city, with lots and lots of dust on the streets, in the air, inside buildings. my allergy aside, and my visiting friends' allergies aside, the fucking dust gets into my computer and clogs up the fans. i have three fans inside the computer and for the last few days they've been competing for the title of loudest, most annoying tractor engine. you know what's worse than dust? heat. i am forced to sleep during the day and work during the night because it's so fucking hot. this week romania was kind of hit by a heat wave of historic proportions, with 40 celsius in the shade and 55 elsewhere. i walked out of the subway and the air smelled like a hot clothes iron. nice. one more new experience.

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